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Baby Swaddles

Babies love to be swaddled! Baby swaddles are designed to be both easy to use and difficult to escape from. Swaddling protects your baby against their natural startle reflex, which means a better sleep for you and baby. Your newborn has spent 9 months cocooned and protected in your womb and when we place them in a big space such as a cot without swaddling them, they often startle causing them to wake and be unsettled. Swaddling your baby also helps them from accidently scratching their face and poking themselves in the eye. Baby swaddles can help calm and settle a colicky baby by mimicking the womb space. Baby swaddles should have stretch and be made from natural breathable fibres. The TOG-rated ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag will keep your newborn snug, warm and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping or blankets. When using baby wraps always ensure baby is on their back and discontinue swaddling when baby starts to roll - now is the time to transition to baby sleeping bags! Uniquely designed for your baby’s sleep safety and comfort, our Cocoon Swaddle adjusts to just the right snugness every time. Its distinctive shape allows plenty of hip movement for healthy development, while recreating the secure and comforting feeling of the womb. Swaddle your baby to maximise peace, comfort, and sleep. Our Baby Swaddles help mimic your womb, so baby can be cozy, relax, and fall asleep anywhere—in the house or out on an adventure. When your baby arrives, their safety and comfort are all that matters. Thoughtfully designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable with a snug, secure fit, our fabric is gentle on sensitive skin and will not overheat babies because it allows air to circulate. The more we learn about the importance of safe sleep habits and skin-to-skin care, the more we realise how vital it is that newborns feel as protected as possible so they can grow up healthy and happy.