Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing them a comforting, reassuring, womb-like space the Cocoonababy Nest helps newborns make the transition to the outside worlds as smooth as possible. Cocoonababy is an ergonomic baby nest designed for use in the cot during baby's first months as it reassures babies and help them adapt smoothly to life after birth in the fourth trimester. Respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on their back, the elongated semi-fetal position of the Cocoonababy Nest allows babies to feel safe and content. Sleeping babies in Cocoonababy Nest has many advantages, including, improving the quality and length of time of your baby's sleep and contentment, minimizing the risk of flat head syndrome, limits gastric reflux and reduces involuntary jerky movements which wake babies with a start and make them cry. Pop a play arch above the baby nest for an instant comfy play space. Baby Nests are super portable and with the included travel cover, you can take your Cocoonababy to grandparents, on holidays even use your nest outside. Always have baby’s safe and familiar sleep space at hand. Loved and recommend by many parents around the world as a newborn sleep must have!