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Slumberpod is a portable solution for peaceful sleep anywhere! Most parents have been there. You’re sharing a room with a baby or toddler and the sleep situation is anything but restful. For anyone. The baby wakes up and sees you across the room and won’t go back to sleep, or the room isn’t dark enough for the baby to stay asleep at nighttime or during naps.

With SlumberPod®, long gone are the days of setting up the travel cot in the bathroom or robe to get a good night’s sleep. SlumberPod is a portable, affordable, patented solution for family room-sharing and getting a good night’s sleep.

SlumberPod is the first portable, privacy sleep nook that allows babies to sleep in their safe and familiar portacot or toddler air mattress with room to sit or stand up inside.

Recommended and endorsed by many baby sleep experts!