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Designer Bums

Designer Bums Australia is the home of easy-to-use and stylish, designer cloth nappies. Designer Bums have been nurturing little humans and the environment for over a decade with their reusable cloth nappies and eco-parenting products from reusable muslin cloth wipes that are soft and natural, made from bamboo cotton these are the perfect companion for nappy changes, make-up removal, dirty hands and faces, cleaning surfaces and everything in between both at home or on the go. Made from premium natural fibres that are durable, luxurious on the skin while highly effective at cleansing and can be washed and reused making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice! 

Designer Bums Reusable Swim Nappies are the perfect companion for water play that can be washed and used over again and contain no chemicals. These award winning reusable swim nappys are one size fits most and designed to fit from baby through to toddler. Made with all premium materials to last your growing family, reducing the need for single-use disposable nappies that end up in landfill and the environment.