Collection: Belly Stickers & Age Blocks

Belly Stickers & Age Blocks

In a digital age it's fun to capture and share your pregnancy and baby's milestone with belly stickers and age blocks. Stylish and fun they are the perfect addition to your Insta snaps. Letterboards are perfect for announcing your pregnancy, the arrival of your baby or sharing their milestones such as age, starting solids, sitting for the first time. A monthly picture board to update your family and friends on baby's progress and milestones. Every day you can include a new message for the entire family to see! Baby Blocks can be used as building blocks after you snap, post, and love! belly stickers are the perfect way to capture your baby's monthly milestones as well as first year growth. Use these stickers with the wooden age blocks to add a fun and timeless touch to your baby's monthly photos. Wooden age blocks and belly stickers come in a large, keepsake box that you will love for years to come. Add to your baby’s memory book by capturing those special milestone growth years starting from when they are born!  Place the “just born” belly sticker on mummy’s tummy and a photo will be taken to mark their arrival.  As the weeks and months go by, you can choose from a variety of stickers to capture those early milestones as your little one grows as well as use the wooden age block set. Watch your baby’s monthly photos come alive with our collection of gender neutral and 100% customizable photo props. Each set includes a variety of themed belly stickers for gender reveals, holidays and special occasions, plus wooden age blocks so you can capture your baby’s growth in beautiful and unique ways. looking for unique baby keepsakes? Wooden age blocks can be a personalised baby shower gift, great to naturally decorate a nursery and to use as milestone markers throughout the first year of life. share your baby's age as they grow with our delightful, whimsical belly stickers. peel & stick to any shirt, nappy cover or onesie.