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Bare Mum

Bare Mum was born out of the necessity to better support all the incredible women in this world who deserve to feel comfortable in their own skin as they take on the biggest role of their lives – Motherhood.

Postpartum care for the newborn mother felt overlooked, with women expected to mostly figure things out on their own, put aside their needs to immediately care for their baby, all the while performing in their new role with positivity. Women spoke reluctantly of the challenges they had faced following childbirth and how difficult it was to navigate the transition into motherhood for fear of being judged.

From fertility to motherhood, women’s health and well-being are often taken for granted. We are told pregnancy comes (almost too) easily, births should go smoothly, and parenting should come naturally. Imagine if we were taught how to properly prepare for motherhood instead of how not to fall pregnant or being presented with a romanticised version of what life as a mother is like.