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Baby Rattles

Baby rattles and grasping toys aren’t just fun for little ones; they also help with their development. Babies’ brains are developing at a rapid pace, and every experience helps them learn more about the world around them. For example, when babies shake a rattle and hear the noise it makes, they understand that their actions have consequences. This is an important part of learning cause and effect. Grasping and manipulating rattles is also good for babies’ fine motor skills, and it can help improve hand-eye coordination. Plus, once your baby can grasp toys on their own, you can use these skills to help teach them how to eat with utensils or draw, write, and dress themselves as they get older! Babies are all about exploring their senses. In the early days, you’ll notice your baby is drawn to anything bright and colourful, and toys that make noise are always a hit in fact, it’s one of the first things your baby will learn how to do on their own. That’s what makes rattles and grasping toys such a great idea for your little one: they not only serve as an easy way to get your baby interested in playtime, but they’re also really important for their development! Baby rattles and grasping toys help babies develop coordination and fine motor skills. These toys can also help babies learn cause-and-effect relationships and develop their sense of hearing (especially when the toy makes noise). And as you may already know from experience, babies love to put things in their mouths, so these kinds of toys are great for developing oral motor skills. At the end of the day, rattles and grasping toys are a lot of fun for your little one—which means they’re a lot of fun for you!