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Bath Safety
We pride ourselves on keeping your babies safe and creating products that make parents' lives easier. Bath time is one of the most important bonding times you can spend with your baby. It also happens to be a time when accidents are more likely to happen so bath safety is essential. Modern bath tubs may be slippery so Skip Hop designed padded foam kneelers and bath mats with suction cups to provide a little cushioning and traction to help protect baby and you, if you accidentally slip. We know that cleaning baby can be a challenge. Bath time is fun and relaxing with our huge range of bath safety products. Bath time is baby's time to shine. It's fun for you too, as you watch baby play with toys and enjoy the relaxing moments bath time provides, because bath time is also about keeping baby clean – and safe. That's why Skip Hop bath products are made for non-slip safety and easy transport from sink to towel. Generous Shnuggle bath tubs have plenty of room for splashing and play. For quick clean up, you'll love the Oxo Tot Bath Toys Tub that drains water quickly. Every product made with quality materials that you can trust to make bath time safe and fun for your little one. Keep your baby safe and secure with these bath safety products. Bath safety products help keep your child comfortable and safe during bath time. They include baby bathtubs, bath thermometers, bath mats, tap protectors and much more. Choose products that are designed to be gentle on baby’s skin and easy to clean. Consider bathtubs with a contoured headrest, high walls along the perimeter to provide security and nonslip surfaces. Also look for bath mats that can do it all, they should dry quickly so they don’t harbor mould or mildew, and they should feature slip-resistant surfaces on both sides of the mat. Help ensure your child's well-being by using them when bathing, changing nappies or doing tummy time. Safe bathing is a must for newborns and young babies.