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Bouncers & Rockers

Bouncers and rockers are baby item most parents can’t live without. Baby Bouncers give you a safe, inclined space to place baby for soothing, interacting, feeding time and play time. Bouncers have different positions, where you can adjust the bouncer according to your activities and share every moment of the day with baby who can relax, observe and participate fully in all activities around them. Bouncers provides optimum support and baby can use the bouncer comfortably from birth. It’s soft padded seating provides excellent comfort for baby. Bouncers have a safety harness for peace of mind and a toy bar for baby to enjoy. Babies and newborn’s need a lot of attention, but life has to go on around them and having a safe, comfortable space to put them is a big relief as it will give parents arms a much needed break! Baby bouncers can help your child’s development, as bouncing time can strengthen leg muscles. This helps prepare your little one for the crawling and walking stages. Baby rockers usually swing gently back and forth while baby lies back and relax. This rocking motion can really soothe unsettled young babies. Rockers normally just need a quick nudge from mum or dad to get the movement going. Research shows this rocking motion reminds babies of their time in the womb. Find the baby bouncer or baby rocker that fits your needs. We have a wide range of baby bouncers and baby rockers with different motions, styles, fabrics and capabilities. We've created a range of baby bouncers and baby rockers in a range of styles to suit any nursery. From retro fabrics to modern, neutral prints, these gliding or rocking chairs for babies are guaranteed to make your little one feel snug and secure. Bouncers are a great way to entertain your baby, and as a bonus, you get a few minutes to take a shower or a quick telephone call. Stimulating baby bouncers and baby rockers, which are perfect for your growing baby! Encourage your baby's motor skills and expose them to the joy of activity.