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Baby Bottles

Make feeding baby a breeze with our range of baby bottles. Choose from glass baby bottles to anti-colic baby bottles which help with babies suffering from colic. Many modern baby bottles mimic breastfeeding making transitioning baby from breast to bottle easier. All baby bottles in Australia are BPA-free making them safe for your newborn and family. No matter how you choose to feed your baby, fed is best no matter the method. A parent's best friend. Meet the leak proof and shatterproof (really) bottles that'll never leave you high and dry. They're made of medical-grade silicone and glass—and are compatible with breast pumps and warming devices for your utmost convenience. Bottles help reduce colic, while the soft silicone nipples help to prevent nipple confusion. The ergonomic shape allows you to comfortably hold the bottle while feeding. The bottles are made from glass and silicone, and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Haakaa's innovative silicone and glass baby bottles allow you to comfortably feed your baby while keeping them close to your heart. The bottles are designed to help prevent colic, and the addition of silica beads in the teat helps prevent nipple collapse, giving your child a healthy feeding experience. Whether you choose to pump or feed with baby bottles made from silicone or glass, you want a feeding bottle that is durable and easy for baby to hold on their own. Haakaa silicone and glass feeding bottles are BPA-free, and thanks to their ergonomic design and soft, squeezable sides they're perfect for little hands just learning to hold things. And our unique air vent system helps prevent colic while helping your baby take in more milk with less effort. Life can be complex, but feeding your baby doesn't have to be. The last thing you need when introducing a bottle to breastfeeding babies is a product that's confusing and time-consuming. These silicone bottles are free of harsh chemicals, feature an antimicrobial and hygienic silicone nipple and simple to use design for the perfect latch everytime