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Schnorg Baby

We at Schnorg Baby take sleep very seriously which is why our products contain pink noise for babies. 

Schnorglesaurus has two fabulous sleep-inducing options, firstly an entrancing lullaby, curated especially for babies and toddlers to melt away restlessness and magical Pink Noise to soothe the most impossible sleepers to sleep in minutes.

The Schnorglesaurus uses pink noise instead of its harsh counterpart, white noise. This is because Pink noise has been proven to be so much softer on babies' sensitive ears and it's a soundwave of many natural rhythms, such as heartbeats and womb noises. It has a much lower frequency than white noise, which works on a deeper level to promote the most slumberous, restful sleep for babies and toddlers.

 Absolutely amazing to get your little one relaxed and off to sleep easily and quickly.

Schnorg's pink noise is real life swooshing womb sounds combined with a slow steady heartbeat, just as baby remembers hearing in Mummy's tummy. It actually sounds like a little dinosaur snoozing softly.. it’s sooo soothing!

Simply the best for newborns, as Schnorg has the ability to calm your baby with an already familiar sound. Your little one will not want to be without this adorable sleep aid at nap and bedtimes, it’s a lifesaver and super cute too! The Schnorglesaurus will quickly become your Babies best friend in sleep. 

Several studies have also shown that sleeping with pink noise can improve short and long term memory retention, so pink noise sounds could be helpful for the brain development of your baby too!