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Bath Toys
Bath time just got more fun for baby with bath toys. Whether your little one is playing in the bath or splashing at the beach, these developmental toys are designed to engage and delight baby’s senses and here’s a bonus for mum, all of the pieces dry quickly and easily and are non-toxic! Baby will love bath time even more with these adorable bath toys and books. A variety of toys and books with sweet characters and colourful designs will keep baby engaged and entertained while they learn. Bath time is a breeze with cool bath toys like engaging sensory toys, suction cup accessories, make-believe play sets, waterproof books and more! These colourful bath toys are designed to delight babies of all ages. Who doesn't love splashing and playing in the tub? Enjoy bath time with your little one, and indulge their love of water, with an array of bath toys. Whether they love splashing in the water or helping out by cleaning the tub, you will have fun putting away these charming toys when play time is over - or perhaps even using them again to tidy up. Convert bath time into playtime with these fun bath toys. With a water pump, squirt toys, fishing pole, and water wheels, your child will have a fun time in their bath. Bath time is meant to be fun and relaxing for both baby and parent, but bath toys can make all the difference when it comes to getting your baby in the mood to splash around. So whether you’re looking for toys, skincare, or bath accessories that will delight your little one, The Stork Nest has got you covered. Our bath toys make getting clean so much fun, your child will never want to leave the bath! Bath toys not only help make bath time a more enjoyable experience, but they also help promote imagination and early learning.