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Dolls & Doll Carriers

Dolls are awesome! They’re fun for kids of all ages, and they can also teach them about taking care of others. Dolls teach kids that it’s fun to take care of other people. Kids can learn how to dress their dolls and put them in the car seat this teaches them how to look after themselves and independence! Dolls make good companions on trips or during times when you need some extra comfort. Dolls can be great toys for kids of all ages, and they encourage empathy and give them a chance to explore emotions and behaviours through role-playing. There’s no right or wrong way to use a doll they can be anything from a best friend to a baby to a superhero. They can spark your child’s imagination or help them learn about responsibility. Dolls are a great way for kids to play pretend, which builds valuable life skills. When your child plays with a doll, they pretend that the doll is another person. That means they have to think about how the doll feels and what the doll wants and that teaches them empathy and emotional intelligence, one of the most important skills kids will ever learn. Lottie dolls are designed to be more inclusive and are toys that equip children for a lifetime of adventure. They’re made for kids, by kids, which means they’re free from all the stereotypes many other popular toys have. Lottie dolls are designed to inspire kids to achieve their wildest dreams, because we believe that anything is possible. We know that kids deserve toys that don’t limit them in any way. Dolls that encourage them to be curious and adventurous and brave. Your child deserves a doll that celebrates all the things that make them unique we know how important it is for your child to have a toy they can relate to