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Balance Bikes & Scooters

If you've ever watched a toddler try to ride a bike, you know it is not easy. Balance bikes, trikes and scooters let kids build up their balance skills before they get on a big kid bike. It's important for kids to learn how to balance while they're young because that skill makes riding a bike easier when they get older. Balance bikes, trikes and scooters are designed for different stages in your child's progression from crawling to walking to biking. We carry balance bikes for kids as young as 18 months old to 5 years old. Balance bikes look like regular bike-like toys but have no pedals or chain. The idea is that kids learn how to balance without pedals by using their feet as the engine. When they get older, kids can transition to a regular bike with pedals and a chain. Kids Balance bikes are a great way for little ones to get their feet off the ground and start riding around on two wheels. They're super easy to use just hop on and push yourself along. And they're great because toddlers have a blast riding them around the house or outside around the neighbourhood. Trikes are also a lot of fun once kids get the hang of balancing on two wheels. They're like little pedal-less bicycles that help kids learn how to pump their legs to ride fast. Scooters are cool because they help you build up some serious speed while still keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground and they look super cool! Balance bikes, trikes and scooters are great as they teach kids the basics of bike riding before they even learn how to pedal. Kids can focus on leaning and steering instead of pedalling, giving them the foundation for a lifetime of cycling fun