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Bottle Steriliser

If you're bottle feeding, then you'll also be sterilising! Whether you opt for breast, formula, or a combination of both as soon as you involve a baby bottle, it's vital that you adapt the feed, clean and sterilise routine to enhance your baby's health.

A steriliser is a device that uses steam or UV light to kill bacteria. Milk is a potential breeding ground for bacteria and given babies have weak immune systems, they are particularly susceptible to infections. It's important that you sterilise your feeding equipment baby bottles, breast pumps, and dummies after every feed to maintain optimal hygiene. Whilst you can sterilise equipment using boiling water alone, many new parents prefer to use a steam steriliser or UV light for convenience, these are very effective, safe, work quickly, and are cost effective!

UV light is considered the most effective as it damages the DNA of bacteria and the DNA or RNA of viruses. Boasting a disinfection rate up to 99.9%—with no excess radiation, no ozone produced, no residual chemicals, UV sterilisers can easily protect you and your family from harmful bacteria and viruses.