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The first year for parents is exciting but also anxiety producing, especially for first-time parents. ‘Is my baby okay?’ is a regular question. Owlet aims to empower parents and is now trusted by more than one million parents to provide peace of mind and help them keep their babies safe with the help of their nursery camera and revolutionary baby monitor.

The Owlet Smart Sock Monitor is a baby monitor that is designed to track a baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. The monitor consists of a soft, comfortable sock that the baby wears on their foot, which is connected to a base station that transmits data to a mobile app.

The Owlet sock uses pulse oximetry technology to measure the baby's heart rate and oxygen levels. If the monitor detects any irregularities in these vital signs, it will send an alert to the parent's smartphone, allowing them to quickly check on their baby.

One of the key benefits of the Owlet sock monitor is that it provides parents with peace of mind while their baby sleeps. By tracking their baby's vital signs, parents can be alerted to potential health issues or concerns and can take action quickly if necessary. Additionally, the Owlet sock can be particularly helpful for parents of premature babies or babies with medical conditions that put them at higher risk for breathing or heart issues.

The Smart Sock 3 is now the third generation Smart Sock and is smarter than ever. It can be paired with the Owlet Cam or used as a standalone product.

The small pulse oximeter is inserted into a special sock that goes on the baby’s foot. The reader sends a signal to the base station via Bluetooth and you will be notified if you need to attend to your child. You can also download the app and get all notifications on your phone provided you have Wifi available.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days from the date of product registration on the Owlet app to request a refund. Please contact us here with any questions. Do note the cost of returning the product will be at your expense.