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Drying Racks & Bottle Brushes

The best bottle drying racks are compact in design and make parenting and feeding time simple. Drying Racks will hold sippy cups, baby bottles, and all their parts without cluttering the bench top. Allowing baby's bottles to dry in the air and not be wiped with a tea towel is the most hygienic way to clean and dry your tots bottles. The base on draining racks feature ridges to keep bottle lids and dummies elevated for quick drying. Bottle brushes are an essential tool for cleaning baby's bottles and sippy cups. Soft, narrow bristles allow you to reach all the nooks and crannies when cleaning baby's bottles, sippy cups, water bottles and breast pump. Portable drying racks are a complete kit you can take with you when you are on the go, compact enough to fit in your nappy bag or handbag. Less time cleaning bottles means more time with baby. Clean every corner of baby's bottles and breast pump parts efficiently with these drying racks and bottle brushes from OXO Tot. Drying Rack and Bottle Brushes give you everything you need to clean bottles and sippy cups, with space-saving storage for all of your parts. The Drying Rack features an adjustable top drying rack that can be tilted closed for compact storage. The included Bottle Brushes are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and feature a unique brush design that cleans from the bottom up–perfect for cleaning narrow-neck bottles. Four spout and nipple brush heads fit on one handle, and the brushes are stored on the end of the drying rack's handle when not in use. A must-have for any new parent, the oxo tot bottle drying rack and bottle brush set is a convenient and space efficient way to dry all different baby accessories. The bottle drying rack has a sturdy base that collects water while air-drying bottles and accessories. Having a baby is such a special time, and you want to spend as much time taking care of your little one as possible. Bottle Brushes, Dish Brushes and Drying Racks make clean-up time a breeze so you can get back to the more enjoyable parts of being a new parent faster